Monday, May 19, 2008

peanut butter jelly time

More than a year later....I am married and have a four month old baby boy. We live in Phoenix, Arizona. Since leaving BYU I have moved 7 times and will be moving again this Friday. My full legal name now consists of 5 names: 1 first, 2 middle, and 2 last. It took one of the supervisors at the MDV about 25 minutes to figure out how to get my name to fit on my drivers license.

By the way, diaper boxes come in handy for packing. We are moving from "little mexico" Phoenix, to a little more upscale, you-can-actually-take-your-kid-for-a-walk-outside-of-the-apartment-complex side of town. AND we may be moving to SLC come July. The new complex has 3 pools which will come in handy considering our record high days like the beautiful 108 today with a forcasted 109 tomorrow.