Monday, September 9, 2013

Half Price Dresser Makeover Part One

I decided I needed a dresser to put in the center of the girls closet, so I headed off to the Saturday 50% off sale over at one of our local Goodwill stores. I found this little beauty and figured I could make it work! It has a few holes drilled in the top and the side was scraped up a bit, but I figured it wasn't anything I couldn't solve with some wood filler and a little elbow grease.

I decided to feature this a one of my makeover-in-minutes features. I sanded it up a bit, pulled the drawers out to leave as is for now, and grabbed one of my quarts of paint I have acquired for $0 through promotions. Then I got to work. Sanded it enough just to rough up the paint for a good bond, cleaned it off and started painting. The paint color was "sexy pink" by Glidden.

Threw a drawer back in so I could see if I liked it as it was or if I needed to paint that too. Turns out I loved it. Always liked the cotton candy/bubble gum style pink and blue combo. Left it to dry so I could come back in a couple hours to spend another 10 minutes tops to put on a second coat.....then this happened!

The driveway is the only place I have to do my projects. I had the dresser under the carport...but not far enough. It got wet. REALLY REALLY WET. It has been relocated but we will have to wait and see how the first coat faired and "weather" or not it will be ready for a second. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not so crazy couponer

Yesterday I saved a ton of money grocery shopping, which makes me SOOO very happy. And I didn't use a single coupon. I just went to Wal-mart with my pre-printed grocery list. I employed the powers of ad matching without spending hours scouring ads. did all that for me. You simply pick your location, tell it which stores to look through (which since I plan on price matching I pick them all) and then look through the deals. I find it easier to sort by type instead of by store because I'd rather not pick the same item twice and sometimes multiple stores will have deals on the same items but not for the same price and sorting by type makes it easier for me to see those. I then click the box next to the items I want to buy and it puts them right into a shopping list for me!!!! When you go to print the shopping list you can leave it sorted by store or click a box to sort it by type. That's the method I prefer since that's the way the store is laid out. Being a Deals to Meals member cost $4.95 a month, but it saved me that much on the two cartons of ice cream I bought yesterday so I felt it was definitely worth that. They occasionally run a "try me" promotion so go give it a whirl. You don't have to spend more time couponing than you spend with your kids to save money. It's not saving 99% or anything like you see on the Extreme Coupon show but it does help stick to a budget, or squeeze more out of the budget you're already on!!