Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's been awhile...

I've been busy chasing my three adorable children, and being addicted to Pinterest! I've decided I need a camera so I can post pics of my attempts at things I make from there haha.

Brian and I just had our fifth anniversary on Saturday. My parents watched the kids and B and I went to a Mexican restaurant called Macayo's and then went to the dine in theater and saw the movie, The Lucky One, while sharing popcorn and Shirley Temples. It was our first date that was more than an hour long, without a kid with us! As for reviews, the food was just eh, the movie was cute. Just sappy enough to be a good movie to go see with the girls, just funny enough to be a good date movie.

Jeremiah is now 4 and about the best big brother a girl could ask for. Jenna is 2.5 and will be starting dance classes this summer over at Arizona Dance Artistry. Sierra will be one at the end of this month and is a little ball of fire!