Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So I stink at keeping a blog :)

Kids are getting old, life is staying busy, and the world keeps turning. Jam will be 8 in January, our little J-bean just turned 6, Lynnie-loo is 4.5 and enjoying her 2nd year in preschool, Boo-boo is a crazy 2 and a half year old who loves to sing, and baby-cakes is 1!

My husband has gone back to school to be an EMT and I have started life as an independent consultant for a MLM company.  It's been a crazy year.

In celebration of J-bean's birthday we made her favorite sugar cookie recipe that I posted a while back. She got a new set of Pampered Chef Creative Cutters and was having a blast while mommy got COVERED in the flour that had been used to dust the counter. Glad there were no cameras around. :)