Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Hormones

Last night, I was sitting there in bed snuggled up with my honey, when he told me to stop tickling his leg -- I had my head on his stomach so my hand was sitting on his thigh, which apparently tickled. Needless to say, I began to actually tickle him instead of moving my hand. After making him laugh like a 3 year old, he said "leave me alone," which of coarse I knew meant "stop tickling me!!!!" But being a crazy pregnant lady, my jokingly saying "that wasn't nice" and turning away from him resulted in me sobbing. The nice and caring hubby that he is, apologized for his choice of words and asked that I please not leave him "alone-alone" just ticklish-alone and asked if I was really crying or if I was okay. My answer, "BOTH!"
I then proceeded to continue the crying uncontrollably while laughing! I was laughing because I knew it was a stupid thing to cry about, and yet I couldn't stop the crying. I was laughing because I was grateful he cared enough to see that maybe he'd picked the wrong choice of words. I was laughing because I felt stupid for laughing and crying at the same time...not laughing so much it was making me cry, more the other way around.
He tried to get me to go out to sit on the couch while he got me a glass of water to replenish all the fluid my eyes had stolen from the poor little baby inside of me. Since we live with my MIL and brother-in-law, I kept trying to convince him there was no way I was going out there looking like "this." Too many questions I didn't want to answer! I finally gave in and hid my face behind a blanket I carried out to the couch and snuggled up to watch a recorded episode of ABC's "Once Upon a Time" which seems to be a pretty good show. We caught up on Season One over the course of a week thanks to Netflix. Thankfully, neither his mom or his brother came out to see my intensely reddened eyes or runny nose. Unfortunately, I had to sit through the smell of the NASTY Totino's Pizza my hubs decided to snack on.