Sunday, November 26, 2006

I liked a football game! Who woulda guessed that?

So, Saturday consisted of waking up and realizing it was already one something in the afternoon and the big game started at 1:30, getting ready and running over to watch the game with some guys in the ward...the big game being the Holy War...BYU vs. U of U....then going out to the spaghetti factory and rushing home to meet up with someone to go rock climbing, finding out I was no longer going rock climbing, and going back over to the guys apt. where I'd watched the game to watch The Village, and an edited, i.e. someone fast forwarding through parts, Night at the Roxbury. Sunday consisted or waking up and getting ready to go to church for a multi ward combined sacrament meeting in which I was asked to give the benediction, being told I had to make a budget for someone else in the ward to review, and moving into my roommates room and moving her into mine, followed by watching a little Oscar. That's it so far...I'm off to watch the laters!

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