Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'll be your distraction

Ever have something stuck in your head...not necessarily a bad thing...but something you would rather not have be stuck in there? Well I most certainly have, and it's not fun. I have no problem thinking about this thing but i think it might have a problem with how often it's stuck in my head. Really doesn't help when your roommate keeps mentioning it.

Today makes day three of feeling like I was going to pass out. The occasional blackout upon standing up, dizziness, and being a bit on the shaky side. I intended to sleep through one of my classes and somehow wound up sleeping through all 7 hours worth of them. I found it quite ironic that I got an e-card from my parents today asking if I've been drinking enough water, and they don't even know what's going on. I guess the fact that it takes me about 4 or 5 days to finish a half liter water bottle could be a good reason why.

On to happier things! Only two days left of work this week, I still need to find a new, or second job. I finally got my four loads of laundry done, but there was no emptying of warm clothes were ICE COLD when I got them out after work and socializing. I need to get around to finishing some of my many books that I have lying around; maybe I'll bring one to work and read it on my hours and hours of downtime :P...

The snow is amazing! I haven't lived in the snow since I was four and it's great to be back! What a shame I don't have any weather appropriate wear, i.e. gloves, jacket, something other than jeans.... My hiking boots luckily have been doing pretty well. I now get to shovel snow, rather than sweep leaves, from the sidewalks and parking lots at work. We have a Christmas tree in the window of our apartment that stands about 3 feet tall; it's quite the cozy feeling, especially since we finally decided to turn the heater on upon realizing it doesn't affect our electricity bill!

Well time to watch yet another movie! Everything you Want sounds like a good one for now. Have a great day! Don't die!

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