Thursday, December 7, 2006

Hooray for the Double D's (AKA blog number 10)

So, today, I skipped my review for my ExSc class, went to bio, and decided I didn't feel good and missed all my other classes for the day. Then realizing my boss likes extra warning time for sick days, called and left a message telling him to call me back when he got in, finished watching the second season of arrested development, and awaited the return call. Upon realization that I no longer would qualify myself as feeling ill, and not having the desire to lie to my boss....the phone rings....I answer...conversation goes as follows *disclaimer: not necessarily a direct quote*:
"Can I take today off?"
"Do you absolutely, completely need to take today off?"
"Well I absolutely, completely want to take today off."
"If I remember correctly, you missed some of your shifts last week too."
"Yes...but that was because I was sick."
...boss quotes my exact hours for last week....
"I understand, but I'll be the only one working for you over break, and there won't be any one to fill my shoes then, so...I kinda figured I could take a bit of a break now."
"...But you'll fill in the hours the rest of this week?"
"Alright, see you tomorrow."

That right there made me INCREDIBLY happy. Then there was the spontanaety of the trip to the mall with Uffish Thoughts, and Frostys....yeah Frostys! To top the night off, "The Dinner Game," with an awesome group of people which not only managed to make me happy, but to smile, and to laugh. What a rare occasion!

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