Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dance Dance Dance

K, so I came to school an hour earlier than I was scheduled to to see if I could add a class. (Dance 180 i.e. beginning social dance). Good news, pretty sure I can add the class no problem; at the moment there are more guys registered than girls so it should be no problem, but she wants to wait until the next class to be sure before she'll actually sign the add card. Now for the bad news: I parked in two hour parking and called my roomie and asked if she'd come to class a little early to move my car so I'd be okay.....called her after my second class....she forgot that the time would've had to be as early as it would. Conversation went as follows:

roomie answers phone: Yes I know I have to move it.

Well it needed to be moved 20 minutes ago.

Okay, I'll come move it. it's after 4, if I was going to have a ticket, it'd be there by now. They stop metering it after 4.


Yeah, talk to you later bye


Tons of fun...I won't even be able to find out if there's a ticket there or not for another 7 hours till I get out of class, off work, and walk over there.

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ahem. said...

So did you get trhe ticket? :)