Friday, January 5, 2007

Life is Like Room Service never know what you'll find outside the door.

So this blog has lost it's place on the priority list....sorry. Seeing my friend Brian for a week, touring Salt Lake, actually getting to go inside the Temple gates, snow, having my books bought already, and my last day of working more hours than usual....all things that've made me happy these last few days. Having possession of a cell phone for awhile isn't such a bad thing either.

It was somewhat of a life or death situation to let Brian drive himself back to the airport. He'd only had his license for a little under 2 months, and lives in Arizona. The day we headed to the airport it was nearly a whiteout in Salt Lake...his first time driving in the snow and it was that bad = fun times. We'd parked just behind the conference center while we wandered temple square for awhile. When we headed back toward the car we saw this Bronco looking vehicle sliding down the hill we were parked on at a diagonal; toward a parked car. The driver got it to stop but couldn't get out of the slide, any time he went to move the vehicle it'd just go in the same diagonal posture. Brian and I went and pushed the truck away from the parked car and then let him let it slide the rest of the way down the hill until it finally broke out of the slide at the bottom. We then almost got hit by a UTA car as we went to pull off to the side of the road and it'd slid that way. Fun times.

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Spacerguy said...

The snow is great fun. I remember a time when I went snow surfing at the golf club where I worked in the Wicklow Mountains. The club was snowed under which we helped to clear and being at a loose end for the rest of the day, the gang spent 2 hours messing in the snow with a rope tied to a 4x4 gator tied to a surf board, snowsurfing! It was a laugh. One guy even disappeared under the snow when the vehicle drove over a little hill. But he held on and reappeared at the other side covered in snow, white as a snowman!