Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, I found out today that I will be flying into Phoenix, AZ in approx. 2 weeks to see my family. It's been about 8 months since I've seen my sister and my parents, 9 since I've seen my grandmother and aunt, and I will have a new nephew to meet (C-section scheduled for this Thursday the 1st). On Saturday night/ Sunday morning I was driving back from Cedar City to Provo...going a little faster than I should be (cough...somewhere above 100mph...cough) because I wanted to get away from where I was and get back home before I had to worry about falling asleep on the road. Well. Not exactly sure what happened but I believe I hit a patch of ice. I fishtailed, over-corrected, spun out, and ended up in the intermedian ditch somewhere around Spanish Fork. Luckily I was alright, and so was the car, and I knew about my emergency fuel shut off switch so I didn't freak out when I realized my car wouldn't restart. However, I thought I didn't have my drivers license with me, so I hurried things up with getting back out of the ditch as quickly as I could before any police showed up. Got the car to work again, got out of the ditch and back on the road, and shortly thereafter saw 3 police cars, lights flashing, heading to the area where I had been. The car full of teenage boys that had stopped to help me matched my speed for the rest of the trip home, onto University Ave. where I finally ditched them because it was starting to get scary. Upon arriving home and beginning to unpack from my little weekend getaway, I found my drivers license had, in fact, been in my bag all along. My nerves however were shot by that point and I continued through the night without sleep. I finally crashed about 6 in the morning, and 2 hours later my roommate was kind enough to wake me up for church, I explained what had happened the previous night and that I'd barely fallen asleep and slept through sacrament meeting. I woke up five minutes before Sunday school was to start so I quickly changed and ran to the last two hours of meetings. I was happy for that event, because it made me realize that this little hint of a death wish that I carry around really isn't'll happen soon enough anyway.

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